Operating rooms

Accurate monitoring of air quality and room climate 

Viessmann Technologies offers modular functional hospital spaces that minimise the risk of contamination and infection and form part of an economical hospital concept. Using intelligent, modularly designed air conditioning and air treatment systems, you can ensure smooth operation procedures and deliver comprehensive protection for patients and staff.

Key benefits
  • Minimisation of contamination and infection risks
  • Ensures surgical procedures run smoothly
  • Protect patients and staff
  • Easy cleaning and disinfection
  • Disinfectant-resistant surfaces for continuous problem-free disinfection
  • Microbicidal surfaces of clean room elements destroy microorganisms and prevent cell proliferation even on the surfaces
  • Viessmann Technologies has hospital expertise and experience from over 145 projects worldwide

Application areas

  • Tailor-made cleanroom solutions for any medical usage scenario
  • Hybrid surgery rooms
  • Operating rooms for minimally invasive procedures
  • Suitability for laser and radiation protection
  • Patient induction and anaesthesia rooms, integrated washrooms
  • Surgeries with low-turbulence displacement flow (LTDF)
  • Designed according to EN ISO/DIN or HTM
  • Integrated wall heating
  • Surgery control modules for all functions

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