GMP pharmacies

Viessmann Technologies offers powerful room solutions for septic and aseptic areas in hospital pharmacies and provides maximum safety for the preparation of patient-specific formulations.

Production under laboratory conditions and storage with precise temperature monitoring: Viessmann develops the right solution for each requirement. Using our expertise in air conditioning and clean rooms, we combine both worlds to deliver seamlessly intertwining safety.

Viessmann sets standards for creating application-specific cleanroom laboratories for producing pharmaceuticals that are customized for a patient, such as Zytostatika. We develop laboratory solutions for all of a hospital's needs.

Our portfolio includes forensic laboratories, stem-cell, and plasma laboratories, as well as the entire field of analytics and quality assurance. Multi-stage active and passive airlock systems complete the room concept. We manufacture our products following classical hygiene standards and the GMP guidelines.

Key benefits
  • Hospital pharmacies for producing custom formulations for a patient
  • Highest standards in product and staff protection
  • Producing artificial nutritional solutions
  • Portfolio from sterile producing and filling to targeted cooling
  • All processes under ultra-pure conditions
  • Application-oriented laboratory systems with the highest safety standard
  • Two decades’ experience
  • Utmost operational security

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