ICU - Mobile Intensive Care Units

Modular prefabricated intensive care units for treatment of infectious patients: From our product portfolio of prefabricated functional rooms, you can choose between largely standardized, but also individually customised intensive care units.

Intensive care units for quarantene treatment of patients ensure the optimal control over climate and pressure conditions as well as temperature and air quality. Furthermore a flexible adaptation to required clean room parameters is one of the advantages. Additionally an exhaust air management, room separation, integrated monitoring and documentation are integrated in this solution.

The prefarbricated modular units are designed for temporary indoor and covered outdoor installation.

Our module rooms are certified by WHO, the German Clean Room Institute (DRRI) and the TÜV.

Key benefits
  • Mobile
  • Completely pre-fabricated
  • Transportable
  • Overseas transport for self-assembly possible
  • Flexibility in interior design
  • Tested microbicidal surfaces
  • Permanent resistance to cleaning agents and disinfectants
  • Resistance also against H2O2 fumigation
  • Interior design in accordance with the applicable standards and guidelines of hospital technology
  • Consistent modularity and the highest degree of prefabrication
  • Isolation of patient room by controlled underpressure
  • Exhaust air filtering H14 safe change

Equipment lock facility

Equipment per bed

  • Air conditioning, supply air through the laminar flow module in the upper part of the patients bed
  • Degree of purity according to class 7, EN ISO 14644
  • Negative pressure from -30 to -15 Pa
  • Optional positive pressure from + 30 to + 45 Pa
  • Standard media supply with double device rail
  • 3x O2
  • 3x CA
  • 3x vacuum
  • 1x anesthetic suction
  • 12x 230V SV
  • 2x 230V UPS
  • 12x bonding
  • 4x data

Equipment lock facility

  • Material and wardrobe cabinet
  • Disposal container
  • Wash and disinfection basins

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