Pre-engineered cleanrooms

During the last 20 years we have delivered over a thousand successful solutions to our satisfied clients. Now we encapsulate all this knowledge for you to have a fast response to your needs

V-Pure side view in production hall

Pre-engineered standard cleanrooms are a cost-effective and time-saving alternative to a conventional new building or the costly renovation or conversion of an existing building. Our pre-engineered, modular cleanroom solutions provide a high degree of standardization, are scalable and robust. 

  • Flexibility: plug and play solutions
  • Quality and safety: Our pre-engineered clean rooms have our known premium quality with the added standardization and modularity to make the installation and construction even easier.
  • Sustainability: When you decide for a pre-engineered clean room solution due to some urgent project need, do not worry what to do with the clean room afterwards. The modularity enables the rebuild of the clean room for another project in another location. Circularity is giving the product a second life and means acting sustainable. 
  • Speed in project realisation: Overall the pre-fabrication approach speeds up the project. You can save a high share of installation time. Regarding logistics the standardisation eases logistics handling.

All pre-engineered standard solutions include:

  • Tested microbicidal surfaces
  • Permanent resistance to cleaning agents and disinfectants
  • Resistance also against H2O2 fumigation
  • Interior design in accordance with the applicable standards and guidelines of hospital technology
  • Consistent modularity and the highest degree of prefabrication
  • Self-sufficient infrastructure with individual ventilation, alternatively central supply

Equipment of a modular standard cleanroom:

  • Air conditioning, supply air through the laminar flow modules
  • Clean room classes EU-GMP D-A
  • Pressure -60 to +120 Pa
  • Wall-integrated media rails for sockets, data sockets, laboratory gases
  • Autonomous or central EMSR supply
  • Thermodynamic air conditioning self-sufficient or by central plenum supply via container-integrated ventilation units
Pre-engineered clean rooms overview
V-Nano 45° view
V-Pure 45° view
V-Vivo 45° view
Size in m²

21 /43

25 / 50

150 / 300

ISO Classification

up to ISO 7

up to ISO 5

up to ISO 3

Delivery time

< 8 weeks

< 8 weeks

< 8 weeks

Personnel air lock



1 or 2

Material air lock




Temperature control
Humidity control
Pressure control
Media ready

With Nano* units

Yes (300mm grid)

Yes (300mm grid)

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